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Look what was accomplished with your support:

Over the course of 2023 I  have achieved significant milestones thanks to your support!

Provided well over 500 hours of pro bono recovery coaching, for those in need without resources.

Seen the need and initiated a successful men's discipleship meeting, that continues on every Thursday morning building up the men to be the leaders of the future!

Created 250 pieces of social media content, empowering those in need while equipping them to overcome!

Conducted multiple addiction and suicide prevention awareness campaigns to help save lives.

Worked with multiple churches to educate staff and congregations on how to support individuals struggling with addiction, mental health, trauma and suicide prevention.

Completed the necessary requirements and  obtained certification in trauma-informed care.

I was also called upon to work and restore pastors after moral failure.

I have also joined the board of directors for "The Center of Addiction and Faith" so that we can partner and join forces in the coming years to make a difference in the recovery world. 

Additionally, I have launched a new podcast with Brian Simmons, called "Passion Tattooed" to help teach about the importance of knowing, "The Love of God".

I also recorded 20 new episodes of The Sober Truth, to continue to educate on Faith and Recovery.


My wife Julie and I also welcomed multiple homeless teenagers into our home to provide support and guidance to help them make the next steps in life.


The big accomplishment that was years in the making was the release of 2 books, the first being the Uncovery Small Group Guide, to help leaders and individuals on the journey, and then in October "The Uncovery Devotional" Rethinking Recovery one day at a Time was released!  That book will be helping individuals for years to come and has the chance to change the way the world looks at recovery!

My goal is to continue educating the world on a new approach to recovery, understanding the importance of sacrifice and walking out the authentic love of Jesus in order to make an even greater impact in the world.

In the coming year with your continued support everything above can be accomplished, will you join me?

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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Will you consider supporting this work?

The Lord is leading me in this season of my life, to be a voice, an advocate, and leader into this uncharted territory.

Since 2009, all of these years of running an organization like the Timothy Initiative, founding a Pastoral Care Department with the Underground, and living in the inner-city doing ministry with the less fortunate on the margins has given me the experience necessary to be a voice that can bring healing and life to areas that desperately need it!


I ask you now, will you join me?

This work must be done, lives are at stake and generations need to be saved! 


Will you consider financially partnering with me as I work to see the world set free through engaging, educating, equipping, and empowering communities, churches, and leaders of all people groups to develop a more empathetic and loving society.   As we learn to love our neighbor as ourselves, walking alongside one another redefining what recovery looks like and the role that faith plays in how WE ALL recover!

You can make a difference by being part of this work.

·      If it’s $50 a month or $10,000 a month… 

·      if it’s monthly or a one-time gift… 

·      Whatever amount fits your current life situation… 

What truly matters is that you acknowledge that there are too many deaths of despair! 

Are you willing to give something to be part of the answer to make a difference! 

Donate in one of multiple ways below!



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You can also donate by mail, send donations:
909 east 22nd ave
Tampa Fl 33605

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