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Meet George

Pastor, Author, Speaker

     I have survived multiple suicide attempts, abuse, trauma and am in long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs. I have walked with friends through the suicide of loved ones, lost family members and friends to drug overdose (both intentional and accidental) and witnessed many others lose everything to addictions they could not get under control.

     In 2010, I moved into a poverty-stricken urban area of Tampa, Florida. Here I have become friends with the less fortunate, and those against whom most people hold prejudice, not realizing these people never had a chance. 

     I understand the broken, the addicted, and the "lost" because I have been one of them. I still remember the thoughts I had when first checking into a detox center: "People shouldn’t feel so alone, ridiculed, and judged." Over the years, witnessing toxic help from both the Christian and secular communities—money wasted, lives lost, and damage done to the ones they were trying to help. Those struggling with addiction, mental health stuck in poverty, brokenness, disconnected from any form of hope lost in this cycle of desperation and despair all because the ones trying to help were lost themselves. 

     I am considered an expert in the addiction treatment and recovery field due to the thousands of people I  have worked with over all these years.  I am also a person in long term recovery, beginning this personal journey in 2006. In 2007 I  jumped right in and began working in the recovery field.

     In 2009 during a 6-month span I lost both my sister and brother to drug overdose. These traumatic events led me to the realization that I had to do more for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.  Led by the Holy Spirit I went ahead and founded a non-profit, “The Timothy Initiative” a faith-based ministry/open ended program that works with men in addiction.

      Since 2010 The Initiative has helped hundreds of men not just find sobriety but radical transformation! The Initiative is best known for its “community” method of recovery during the “program phase” which has led to an incredible percentage of men that find long term sobriety. Typically, 80 percent of the men make it to 2-3 years sober.

       During this same time, I built a successful non-profit construction business that exists to teach men responsibility, and the dignity that comes from a hard days work. During this time the individual is learning a valuable trade that will enable him to take care of himself, provide for a family and to be a productive member of society.

        In 2017 I oversaw the successful development of Timothy Initiative Recovery Homes, sober living homes that the men work and pay rent from day one, in an environment that is recovery based, safe and provides opportunities to know Jesus and to become part of the larger Initiative Community if the individual desires.

       From 2017-2020 I developed a new department within the Underground Network of missional communities for Pastoral Care and Counseling.  This Department provided Pastoral Care and Counseling services for hundreds of leaders within the Underground network.  I left this position in early 2020 during the pandemic to pursue what the Lord had put on my heart; a new organization called The Sober Truth Project.

             The “Sober Truth Project” mission is about reshaping how the world views addiction, mental health, people with suicidal thoughts, and the roles of faith and science in how we recover.   The Vision: To see the world set free by helping one another. Engaging, educating, equipping, and empowering communities to develop a more empathetic and loving society. 

     In 2021 along with Brit Eaton, I wrote the book, "The Uncovery, Understanding the Power of Community to Heal Trauma" it was published July 28th, 2022. 

    I just finished the second book, "The Uncovery Devotional, Rethinking Recovery 365 day" This book was published October 31, 2023.



My Story

Julie and Me


     I believe we are all beloved children of God, cherished in every aspect. Our belief in Him should drive us to seek His guidance, for I know that through Him, the mysteries of life will be revealed to us. He has a unique dream for all of our lives,  filled with abundant blessings and unwavering peace. I firmly believe that God genuinely cares for us all and understands the desires of our hearts. His presence is as close as the air that we breathe.

     In order to find purpose and motivation each day, we need to be committed not only to our work but also to nurturing relationships, cultivating friendships, supporting causes close to our hearts, strengthening our faith, and pursuing personal growth. I strive to fulfill my role as a man who leaves a lasting impact on this world. Moreover, I desire to share this purpose with others so that they too can discover their own sense of meaning.

     Living an authentic life is of utmost importance to me. To achieve this, we must confront and dismantle our false selves—the internal lies we perpetuate and believe. It is crucial that we delve deeper into the root causes of these falsehoods and understand the profound transformation that occurs when we shed them. We must wholeheartedly embrace our true, authentic selves.

     For my own journey and those I work with, my mission is to help individuals realize and embrace their true identities, freeing them from the entanglements of the false self. I strive to be a wise guide for others in their pursuit of discovering their true identity in Christ. I aspire to be recognized as someone who makes a meaningful difference in the church, particularly in how it approaches recovery and human brokenness. Through leadership, assistance, teaching, and discipleship, I aim to support and guide those who are broken and lost. Together, we can educate and awaken others, empowering them to make a positive impact in this world.

     My ultimate goal is to aid others in developing the necessary skills to not only survive but thrive in a world that can sometimes be unforgiving. Even in the face of harsh realities, I firmly believe that healing is possible. This is who I am, and this is the purpose I wholeheartedly embrace.

Belief and Purpose

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