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Faith, addiction, mental health, suicide prevention, and trauma recovery.

Engaging, educating, equipping, and empowering faith communities, churches, and leaders of all people groups. 

Speaking, Coaching, Consulting

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Meet George

Pastor, Author, Speaker, Recovered Addict, Suicide Survivor, Activist, "Trauma Consultant"

I am a recovery and faith activist. I have walked out my own recovery faith journey spending most of my adult life as a recovery advocate and ministry leader in Tampa, walking with hundreds of men and women to radical freedom through unconventional faith.   Over the last few years, I knew God was calling me to do more, to share what I've learned about the power of authentic community to heal the trauma that causes addiction, mental health problems, and suicide. Now I'm focusing on mobilizing a generation of believers to go deeper!


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The Uncovery is Here!!

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The Uncovery is a powerful account of discipleship for those recovering from addiction, mental illness or suicidal thoughts. George’s firsthand experience of leading others into wholeness foster an ability to understand and implement discipleship in Jesus. 

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Ca.

"With a background of abandonment and a broken family, Pastor George Wood writes with wisdom and deep experience in what it means to be set free. The Uncovery will uncover your heart and expose you to His ways of love and healing. The principles he shares transform lives. 

Brian Simmons, Passion Bible

George tells his story and the stories of those he has walked alongside with a raw, vulnerable edge that is eye opening and deeply moving. Anyone who has ever struggled, hurt, or felt hopeless will be able to relate with his authenticity.

This radical book lays out a solid framework for reflecting Jesus.

Brian "Head" Welch, KORN

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addiction, mental health and suicide- Time for change...

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