Do the work...

George founded 2 groundbreaking organizations that have been changing the landscape of recovery and faith since 2009 and are still going strong today!

Liquid Bubbles

The Timothy Initiative

Discipleship. Recovery. Community.

Work Therapy.

The Timothy Initiative exists for broken men. That is our purpose and our calling. We welcome those that society rejects. In the face of addiction, homelessness, depression, and incarceration, we see men restored and healed through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Sober Truth Project

One thing is for sure—addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts don’t discriminate. Odds are, you or someone you love has struggled with at least one of them. And if you’ve spent any time in traditional Christian recovery circles? Odds are you’ll agree—we, the Church, have work to do.

The Sober Truth Project (STP) is changing the way the world thinks about recovery, starting with the Church.