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A former addict and suicide survivor, George has dedicated his life to radically grace-laced, Christ-centered recovery for people struggling with addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts.


George coaches people in areas of recovery leadership, personal growth, relational development, community development, managing and walking through mental health issues and crisis.


George aims to help people take more action, make better decisions, and make use of their God given strengths.



A highly charismatic and sought-after teacher and preacher, George has become a non-traditional recovery authority through his radically divergent Timothy Initiative and Sober Truth Project ministries. George is a co-author and the inspiration behind The Uncovery, a radical recovery book developed with Brit Eaton.


Speaking Topics include : Addiction, Recovery, Mental Health, Suicide awareness and intervention, Trauma-informed Ministry, Recovery Community Organizations and Sober Living Communities. How to create better laws, healthcare and systems of support for those in need as well as those that do the caring.


As a preacher of the word, he has an anointing that allows him to speak to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul. With such a great calling to fulfill, bringing the broken to wholeness and the true identity God gave them before the foundations of the world. His charismatic style of preaching and humorous personality filters over into his sermons as he often uses practical stories to capture the attention of the listener and lead them to the Spirit.



With over 12 years working in an organization that helped plant churches in homes all over the world George aims to use that experience in this mission.


With the hope being that more people and organizations want to help those in need in an official capacity George will consult with you to build a road map for your organization whether that be planting a micro church around recovery, mental health, addiction, developing a recovery program, or consulting on an existing organization..


George has a wealth of experience in leading organizations, his heart for God, and his willingness to serve the broken and those in need will help you to develop a God-centric approach to your organizations mission and Values.

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