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As a preacher of the word, I have the ability to speak to those who need healing of the mind, body, and soul. I can bring the broken to wholeness with their true identity God gave them before the foundations of the world.

I have been told I have a charismatic preaching style and humorous personality that filters into sermons, I often use practical stories to capture the attention of the listener and lead them to the Spirit.


I have over 15 years as a full-time missionary, where I've walked through moments of trauma, witnessed restoration, and experienced unbelievable miracles. Throughout this remarkable path, my passion and dedication as a preacher of the has been unwavering, as I carry a profound commitment to spreading the love of Jesus and the hope and restoration that He brings to all who seek spiritual guidance.

At the heart of my preaching is a profound understanding of the union we share with Father God, and I aim to make each sermon a transformative experience for those who listen. I firmly believe in the power of community, where the Word of God plays a central role in transforming even the most lost of souls.

Uncovery Teachings

I am looking for opportunities to share about The books that I have written and the impact I believe they can have in the world. 


The books along with the course work that comes with them are the back bone of what I believe can bring revival into the world.


The goal of The Uncovery  along with "The Uncovery Devotional" is to help the church—and the world—see recovery through a grace- laced, gospel lens. Some say recovery is the civil rights movement of our generation because believe it or not, recovery is for everyone. Every single one of us has some trauma or issue from our past that may still be affecting our life today.


We all need a transformative encounter with Father God to heal from our past wounds and let Him lead us into the promised land life He had planned for us all along. 

Details for speaking engagements worked out at booking!  


Capable of speaking at secular, non christian events. Over the course of my 15 year career, I have been guiding and empowering individuals on the most sensitive and vital topics of the human condition with unwavering dedication. I now aim to shed light on the profound impact of trauma, addiction, mental health issues, and adverse childhood experiences on all of our lives.


Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, I  share invaluable insights into the paths of recovery and healing. Through my talks, I not only hope to inspire those struggling to embark on their own journeys of recovery, but also to equipped those around them to better stand with them to offer the necessary tools to extend a helping hand to others in their pursuit of renewal.

I believe that these are problems for all of us in society and we need to be educated, equipped and empowered to become a more empathetic and loving society.


My unwavering commitment to spreading awareness and fostering resilience in the face of adversity continues to be the driving force behind my passion for publicly  speaking on these topics.

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